Constructing your solar roof according to the state of the art

PV Installer | Builder

We support PV installer and builder with the planning, construction and implementation of risk-free solar projects.

Step 01

Planning criteria

We support you with the development of your project planning criteria

Planning criteria is very important when it comes to planning your future solar roof and should include, among other things, the following points:

  • Planning according to the current state of the art of solar PV technology
  • Consideration of the planning criteria in accordance with current building codes and standards
  • Determining the roof loads resulting from the solar system
  • Selection of a compatible roof system

Step 02


In the second step, we support you with planning recommendations for your roof and/or solar systems:


  • Insulating requirements
  • Roof waterproofing requirements
  • Determining the roof loads from the solar system


  • PV mounting system and roof system requirements
  • Ensuring the stability of the PV system
  • PV module quality requirements
  • Inverter quality requirements
  • Quality guidelines for PV electrical systems

Step 03


Please choose from the following services:

Kit 1 

  • SikaSolarMount-1 (SSM1) PV mounting system
  • Planning and material delivery

Kit 2

  • CENIQ mounting system (not available in the US)
  • Planning and material delivery (not available in the US)

Kit 3

  • Complete photovoltaic system (planning, construction with all materials)
  • PV modules, inverters, mounting system, AC and DC wiring and installation

Kit 4

  • Planning and material delivery, mounting system
  • Inverter, modules, DC electric

All modules can be combined.
Do you have any questions, or is the service that you want information about not listed here? Please get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.