The right procedure for the risk-free development of solar systems

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We provide solutions for construction departments, facility managers, energy managers and real estate companies for the construction of solar roofs on existing buildings and on new construction.

Step 01

Potential analysis

The potential analysis is essential for the planning and can tell us a lot about the savings potential of your future solar roof. Among other things, this includes the following :

  • Size of the PV roof system
  • Annual energy production and CO2 reduction
  • Degree of self-sufficiency
  • Forecasted roof maintenance costs
  • Costs/efficiency of the PV system

Step 02


In the second step, we support you with planning recommendations for your solar roof system

Planning for existing roofs

When working with an existing roof, the following points must be covered:

  • Roof quality inspection, remaining service life
  • Roof drainage system inspection
  • Roof lightening protection system inspection
  • Estimation of the remaining period of use of the roof
  • Estimation of the annual roof maintenance costs
  • Planning recommendations for existing roofs

Planning for new construction roofs

General roof planning recommendations:

  • Insulating requirements
  • Roof waterproofing requirements
  • Determining the roof loads from the solar system

General photovoltaic planning recommendations:

  • PV mounting systems and roof system requirements
  • Ensuring the stability of the PV system
  • Module quality requirements
  • Inverter quality requirements
  • Quality guidelines for PV electrical systems

Step 03


Have you decided to construct a roof-top solar system?
We will continue to support you:

Investment check

In the next step, we analyse and evaluate your solar investment options.

  • Personal investment of proprietors
  • Roof leasing options with personal energy usage
  • Roof leasing options with full grid feed


We plan and design your solar roof project and create a comprehensive, detailed quote for you.

Maintenance plan

Centroplan can create operations and maintenance plans for your roof and solar systems upon request.

All modules can be combined.
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