A strong partnership

Centroplan and their partners can support you in planning your solar-panelled roof, whether you’re a proprietor, investor or building user. Through our network of expertise, we will always have the right solution for your requirements.

We support you right from the beginning of the project and give you our advice and support every step of the way. With our network of partners, we deliver turnkey solar-panelled roofs and photovoltaic systems. Of course, as part of our services we also provide maintenance for and online-monitoring of your solar panel system. At the same time, we can offer a comprehensive guarantee package for our services and for the materials used.

Independent quality control of solar modules and solar power stations

To achieve a high level of performance and an optimal yield, comprehensive quality control of solar power stations and modules is particularly important. The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE carries out detailed inspections of power stations and provides precise characterisation of PV modules. In their accredited CalLab PV Modules laboratory, Fraunhofer ISE has a measurement uncertainty of just 1.3% when measuring PV modules. On-site analyses with visual checks, thermographic inspections and the precise determination of performance ensures the quality of the system and helps to detect errors.

Independent certification

VDE Renewables is 100% owned by VDE, the Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies. It conducts the marketing, business development, and project management activities for certification and non-certification activities in the area of quality assurance for the global renewable energy sector. VDE Renewables works closely with leading institutions around the world, such as the VDE Testing and Certification Institute and Fraunhofer ISE, to carry out testing of components and systems according to the highest levels of quality. It focuses on bankability and insurability by working with the financial industry and tailoring products to meet stringent requirements.

Solutions for insurability and bankability

ACS Allianz Climate Solutions offers comprehensive, cost-effective and innovative insurance solutions for PV systems, including solar-panelled roof projects. A wide range of claims can be covered, including installation or operational interruptions, damage to machines or to electronics, or loss of income, and the insurance can be adapted to the customer’s needs. Included in the solutions on offer is operational and product liability insurance for installers and operators as well as credit default insurance, income and return guarantees – all of which are available in over 70 countries worldwide.

High-quality roof sheeting and installation services

The Sika solar-panelled roof concept ensures that the material components of roof and PV systems are perfectly adapted to one another. The aerodynamic and light Sika Solar Mount 1 mounting system was developed in partnership with Centroplan specifically for the installation of photovoltaic modules on flat roofs which are sealed with Sarnafil roof sheeting. The partnership with Sika provides high-quality solutions for the interface between the roof and the PV system and enables us to offer comprehensive guarantees.

Project planning services

The experts from the engineering company DFP look at roof sheeting and photovoltaics as part of the overall and integrated roofing project. This process begins with the evaluation of the existing sheeting and includes a roof analysis with a risk assessment, which also mentions necessary maintenance procedures. Included in the due diligence process is an inspection of the building structure and the establishment of customer-specific requirements for roofing and PV applications. DFP supports their customers as a long-term advisor for roof utilisation concepts for existing and new-builds.