Center of Competence

As a full-service provider of interface-free system solutions for roof and solar systems as well as solutions for engineering and financing, Centroplan’s Centre of Competence provides proprietors, building users, (specialist) designers, architects and builders of commercial buildings from all over the world with a “ONE STOP SHOP” for everything relating to roof and solar systems.

With integrated and modular construction services, products and solutions and a unique partnership structure, with partners ranging from construction experts, specialist suppliers and technology experts to financing partners, Centroplan combines the know-how of their partners for the risk-free construction of solar roofs and all types of services connected to this in the Centre of Competence.

Thanks to this, our customers do not only profit from the expertise and experience of Centroplan but also from that of their partners. Centroplan constantly exchanges their scientific, qualitative and economical knowledge with their partners, to allow the planning and construction of commercial solar roofs to flow smoothly. This ensures that Centroplan always plans and constructs according to the state-of-the-art and country-specific regulations for solar roofs.

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